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A Leading Global & Small-Scale Manufacturer Company

Established in 1993, Gautam Udyog is the leading manufacturer of safety pins and needles in the Indian market today. Having built a business forte of incomparable value in the sewing industry through ceaseless innovation and technical expertise, we strive to optimise the modern hand-sewing experience of our customers all over the world with the best quality products at affordability.


At Gautam Udyog, we are dedicated in our stride to bring our customers the industry top-grade products built with high-quality raw materials, using latest technologies and turnkey industry practices.  


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"The vision of Gautam Udyog is built on our commitment to optimise and enable the art of hand-sewing practices with innovative products of top notch quality” 

M  E  H  U  L      J  A  I  N
- P  A  R 
T  N  E  R

"Keeping in mind the growing industry needs today, we are constantly revisiting our manufacturing strategies to achieve perfection in our high demand products by reinventing new industry leading standards."

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